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Our analytics tell you what people are saying, how opinions are trending, and who has influence.


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Our technology and specialized services help our clients understand public opinion and improve their strategies. Learn more about our core areas of expertise here.

  • Analytics

  • Public Opinion

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Targeting

  • Consulting

Our Industries

AlphaVu works with public agencies and partner companies across the United States.


Public Transit

Roads and Tolling

Roads and Tolling


Water and Utilities



Public Health

Public Health


See how customers are using AlphaVu to solve challenging problems.

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Ballot Initiatives

AlphaVu builds and deploys custom metrics proven successful for public agencies operating in complex ballot initiative environments.

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Planning and Capital Projects

We provide a complete picture of the media and public conversation around your capital project, planning study, or service change.

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Government Relations

We show your elected officials, board members, and community stakeholders hard evidence of how the public really feels.



We help you understand trends in opinion among diverse, often hard-to-reach populations.


See how we invest to provide you the benefits of the latest technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The AI we bring you makes you work smarter, faster, and better.

  • AlphaVu App

    Carry an AlphaVu analyst in your pocket.

  • Custom Analytics

    Don’t try to compete using commodity analytics. Use analytics built for you.

  • AlphaVu Ecosystem

    Unleash the hidden power of data you’re already collecting.


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