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Customer Satisfaction

AlphaVu revolutionizes customer interaction analysis by seamlessly aggregating engagements from multiple communications channels. Our up-to-the-minute intelligence offers in-depth insights on customer satisfaction, demographics, behavior, and evolving attitudes, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

Community Sentiment

Our advanced algorithms analyze your customer and public engagement data, providing daily comparisons of public opinion versus your customers' viewpoints, allowing you to make informed decisions and prioritize what truly matters to your organization.

Voter Opinion

Utilize AI and advanced Language Models to uncover real-time insights on voter sentiment regarding critical issues. Our comprehensive understanding of voter perspectives, spanning energy, water, transportation, safety, and construction, enables informed decision-making by community stakeholders, fostering growth and prosperity.

Well-informed citizens are empowered to make good decisions to build and improve their communities.

Our solution offers a holistic view of media and public discourse surrounding your capital project, planning study, or service change.

Online conversations can have a significant impact on peoples’ perceptions of public opinion.

AlphaVu offers access to the opinions of diverse and hard-to-reach populations.



In the age of AI, people have increasingly high standards: they want an empathetic, relevant, and customized message. AlphaVu has developed proprietary, sub-neighborhood level targeting methodologies, based on our patent-pending algorithms and AI algorithmic approaches, so you don’t have to blindly trust 3rd party or social media platforms, making sure your reach is targeted, accurate, and on time.
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The proliferation of misinformation is a fact in modern communications. Detecting and addressing misinformation early prevents damage to your brand and reduces waste in your public outreach efforts. AlphaVu’s patented misinformation detection algorithms clarify when misinformation about your message is growing, identifies its sources, and gives you a path to getting the truth into the hands of your target audiences.
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Actionable Data

Dashboards aren’t for everyone.  All the data and metrics in the world are useless if they aren’t designed for the way you process information. AlphaVu believes reporting means getting you the essential information you need, at the time you need it, and pushed to the location where you most want to see it. You can access your metrics through the AlphaVu web app, text message or email notification, or querying a voice assistant. Fast, timely, and essential metrics right to your phone only when you need them – this is the key to taking action on your data the right way.
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Artificial Intelligence

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, says every modern organization ‘should be running towards Artificial Intelligence.’ This means even real-time insights aren’t alone sufficient. AlphaVu builds and customized Large Language Models and other AI algorithms to predict how the public will react to your marketing/communications efforts, service changes, and even exogenous, real-world factors like weather, public health, and unemployment rates. We help our clients predict and understand the specific impacts of their actions on both public satisfaction and operational success so they can drive the behavioral change they seek.
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Company Values


Machines Need Humans

Well-informed citizens are empowered to make good decisions to build and improve their communities...


The Future Is Local

Local institutions are at the forefront of enhancing the well-being of their citizens. 


Data Privacy Is Central

Data privacy is at the core of our culture. In this era of extensive digital surveillance, AlphaVu offers a refreshing alternative by respecting...

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Founder and CEO

I founded AlphaVu to address the divisive media culture by leveraging online opinion data and innovative techniques to help organizations understand and connect with audiences on their own terms, building unified and stable coalitions while making better, more timely decisions.

On Wall Street, “alpha” refers to a trader’s ability to understand the truth of stock market data, and to thereby beat the market. In the same way, I established AlphaVu’s mission to help our customers understand public opinion data in truthful and actionable ways so they can leverage public opinion to build vital, thriving communities.

Zachary Hernandez

Director of Client Engagement

Zach joined AlphaVu in 2016 and holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis. In 2019 Zach was named one of Mass Transit Magazine’s 40 Under 40 and has spoken at numerous conferences and industry events around the country.

Zach as a Director of Client Engagement at AlphaVu brings a strategic and innovative approach to building strong client relationships, driving customer success, and delivering exceptional value across industries, particularly in transportation, through his expertise in client management, technology development, and data analytics.

Zachary Hernandez


AlphaVu's scalable and secure technology is built on a serverless, microservices architecture, enabling us to handle large volumes and diverse sources of data while ensuring data privacy. With this architecture, we can develop and test machine learning models using in-house or approved partner data scientists, providing you with custom models and actionable insights to enhance customer satisfaction and public sentiment.


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