We Are a Leading Analytics Firm

We have a top team of data scientists, analysts, and communications professionals.


How We Help You

Our goal is to help our clients increase their understanding of what people think and how they communicate through qualitative research + quantitative analysis.


We use analysis to improve strategic decisions on:

  • Public Policy

  • Government Relations

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Communications Efforts

AlphaVu combines its cutting-edge technologies with customization and a customer-centric focus to overcome challenging problems with practical, actionable data.

Three Core Competencies Distinguish Us From the Competition


We identify where people get their information.


We mine how people share that information in their online and offline social networks.


We understand exactly who has influence.

Our Core Values

These are the principles that drive our mission and motivate our innovations.


The Future Is Local

State and local governments are at the front line of improving the lives of their residents. These public agencies are close to Americans’ day-to-day realities and are responsive to dynamic, multicultural communities. We are committed to partnering with governments so they can better understand how their decisions affect people and plan for long-term change. In times of crisis or rapid social change, we help our clients take on new challenges with reliable, timely analysis.


Machines Need Humans

We hear so much about how humans are increasingly dependent on technology. In fact, technology means little without knowledgeable experts who can build and manage algorithms, and interpret the results in real-world situations. Commoditized analytics have a role, but advanced technology will always require expertise and human understanding to solve our most complex problems.


Data Privacy Is Central

Data privacy is at the core of our culture.

In this era of extensive digital surveillance, AlphaVu offers a refreshing alternative by respecting the privacy of every individual. We work every day to embrace privacy policies and procedures as a core mission, not as an afterthought.

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