Company Values


Machines Need Humans

Even in this AI age, machines need humans to provide context and nuanced understanding. Machines lack the capacity to comprehend and interpret intricate social, cultural, and emotional aspects that influence human decision-making. This means the best machines and algorithms are built to leverage and enhance human expertise, not to undermine them.


The Future is Local

Local institutions are at the forefront of enhancing the well-being of their citizens.  Local entities are more intimately connected to the everyday experiences of Americans and are more adaptable to the needs of diverse and ever-evolving communities. Our dedication lies in collaborating with local organizations, enabling them to gain deeper understanding of the impact of their choices on individuals and facilitate long-term planning for transformative outcomes.


Data Privacy is Central

Data privacy is at the core of our culture. In this era of extensive digital surveillance, AlphaVu offers a refreshing alternative by respecting the privacy of every individual. We work every day to embrace privacy policies and procedures as a core mission, not as an afterthought.


Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Founder and CEO

Scott is driven to help those who build for the public good.

He started his career working for elected officials, both in campaigns and policy positions, where he learned the ins and outs of politics and public service. Over the years, he gained experience in the private sector leading initiatives on market research, RFID technology, and biometrics. As he developed a deep understanding of proper data collection and analysis, Scott saw the need for public servants to be equipped with more accurate input to make informed decisions on policies and investments that could improve their communities.

Scott began AlphaVu with a single aim: to uncover a true view of public opinion by understanding people on their own terms.

Zachary Hernandez

Director of Client Engagement

Zach’s goal in client engagement is to be an extension of your in-house staff, knowing your organization and its objectives as much as anyone else on your team.

He uses this familiarity with his clients to offer them the right reports, visualizations, and insights they need to make informed decisions. Using your data, Zach can connect you with custom audience lists for community outreach, and he develops reports that help you see trends in public sentiment.

Zach has extensive experience in supporting transportation and transit clients, and he was honored by Mass Transit Magazine as a top “40 Under 40” in the transportation industry.

Zachary Hernandez
AlphaVu Chief Technology Officer Mitchell Parsons headshot photo

Mitchell Parsons

Chief Technology Officer

The only place it’s good to have your head in the clouds is in technology, and Mitchell has dedicated the last decade of his career to advanced cloud computing.

In his prior roles, Mitchell supported clients from a variety of sectors, giving him diverse and valuable experience in data security protocols and agile development. At AlphaVu, Mitchell is responsible for leading the software development and data science teams.

His understanding of artificial intelligence, analytics, and data privacy assures that AlphaVu’s clients have access to cutting-edge capabilities and their data is protected by best-in-class security.


AlphaVu's scalable and secure technology is built on a serverless, microservices architecture, enabling us to handle large volumes and diverse sources of data while ensuring data privacy. With this architecture, we can develop and test machine learning models using in-house or approved partner data scientists, providing you with custom models and actionable insights to enhance customer satisfaction and public sentiment.


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