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Understand Public Sentiment and Act Quickly

Data is meaningless unless it is translated into actionable insights. AlphaVu processes vast amounts of data into metrics customized for our industries and even for individual clients. We constantly innovate to enhance these analytics so our clients and partners clearly understand public attitudes and can act proactively.

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Public Opinion

Minute-By-Minute Sentiment

We collect and analyze data to track custom metrics like sentiment, the volume of discussion on a specific topic, and geographic-specific changes in public attitudes. We identify key insights from the data and provide recommendations on what to do next.

AlphaVu Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Learn How the Public Feels About Your Brand

We are a team of experts who care deeply about the success of your agency brand and your CEO brand. These brands are critical to your success because you won’t achieve your strategic goals without enhancing your image in the public’s mind.

AlphaVu has custom brand awareness and perception metrics so you will clearly understand — each and every day — how the public feels about you



Data Driven Approach to Marketing

AlphaVu’s AI-powered, data-driven approach to marketing saves you time and money. You get the right message sent to exactly the right audience at the perfect moment in a cost-effective way. We give you the freedom and power to choose your own audiences so you aren’t left to the whims of the digital platforms.

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An Analyst Provides a Customized Solution with Measurable Success

AlphaVu isn’t a dashboard company. We don’t give you a login and best wishes for good luck. The core of our mission is working closely with you to understand your challenges, provide you analysis however you want it, and customize solutions with measurable success.

You have an analyst assigned to work in partnership with you. Your analyst serves as your point of contact, makes sure your needs are met and makes certain quality outcomes are delivered.

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