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In this increasingly complex world, it is more important than ever to be able to sift through the vast amounts of information available to us through social media, news and blogs and identify the upcoming trends and patterns before others do. AlphaVu’s advanced network science engineers use proprietary data systems and analysis algorithms to turn that sea of data into actionable, timely insight.

We help corporate, political, issue advocacy, public infrastructure, and trade association organizations know what chatter is important, what opportunities are emerging and who can help push agendas forward. Our real-world understanding of how people communicate and share information empowers us to help you deliver more effective and unifying messaging, giving you the edge to win in today’s internet age. To do so, we offer the following services:

  • Trends: We offer real-time monitoring of conversations so you stay ahead of the game rather than being overwhelmed by quickly-changing events.
  • Providing scientific proof of message reception and engagement: We work to make sure the right message gets to the right person at the right time.
  • Identifying supporters and opponents: People are constantly talking about you – we identify those you can recruit and maintain a database you can deploy at any time.
  • Listening to your audience: We constantly listen to what your supporters are saying and offer them the help they need to broadcast your message.
  • Statistical analysis: We show you what message strategies are working and identify which approaches need to be changed.
  • Message targeting: We make sure the broadcast message gets to targeted other users according to language, geography, level of support, affinity, behavior, and demographics.

Why Alpha?

The quants created a name for the Truth, a name that smacked of cabalistic studies of magical formulas: alpha. Alpha is a code word for an elusive skill certain individuals are endowed with that gives them the ability to consistently beat the market. It is used in contrast with another Greek term, beta, which is shorthand for plain-vanilla market returns anyone with half a brain can achieve. To the quants, beta is bad, alpha is good. Alpha is the Truth. - from "The Quant" , by Scott Patterson

Meet AlphaVu Founder Scott Wilkinson

Scott founded AlphaVu in 2009 out of a desire to understand and predict human behavior using more advanced techniques than were currently available. Before AlphaVu, messaging strategies were based on market fragmentation and division. Now, using a network approach, AlphaVu’s partners have the opportunity to deploy effective and unifying messages based on the real-world understanding of how people communicate with one another and share information.

Prior to founding AlphaVu, Scott served as CEO of a technology firm responsible for major national market research and market segmentation studies. Scott led a pioneering team of academics to study and revamp prevalent market segmentation methodologies, resulting in dramatic accuracy improvements. It was this research that highlighted the market and political fragmentation that has been predominant in the west for the past 20 years, and which inspired Scott to invent new ways to analyze and influence communication and decision making. Read More >

Scott has also worked for elected officials, both in campaigns and policy positions, where he learned the nuts and bolts of competitive retail politics. It is this on-the-ground foundation that drives Scott to always assure practical market applications for AlphaVu’s products and services.

Scott studied political science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where he later returned to complete his Masters in Business Administration with concentrations in corporate finance and statistics.

In November 2017, Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam appointed Scott to his transition team's transportation committee. In 2019, Scott was appointed to the Advisory Board of the College of William and Mary's Washington Center, and he serves as the chairman of the Advisory Board's Finance Committee.

Executive Intelligence Designed for the Needs of Public Transportation Systems

The AlphaVu Transit platform empowers transit executives with real-time actionable intelligence so they stay ahead of the emerging trends in their service markets. Transit agencies must have the support of many citizens in their regions who will never ride a bus or a train or engage directly with a transit organization. This means it is vital to identify and target community and affinity groups on their own terms, using their own symbols, images, and vocabulary so transit advocates can gain trust and build support for their agenda. AlphaVu Transit is the essential tool that connects the forward-thinking transit agency with its broader community, resulting in happier customers and more advocates.

Elected officials need both broad and detailed intelligence on a range of constituencies, both at home and in D.C. AlphaVu Select collects and synthesizes vast amounts of constituency and policy data, helping members of Congress understand specifically who is talking about them while putting those conversations within the context of their overall importance, favorability, and trends. AlphaVu Select provides members of Congress a clear picture of public opinion, using real and meaningful measures so that Members can quickly identify — and stay ahead — of the trends most important to them, every minute of every day.

What is Ego Frequency?Ego Frequency guides you to the times and events that drive emerging trends among your most important target communities.

What is Issue Frequency?Issue Frequency reveals trends in public opinion on the issues you need to track every day.

What is the AlphaVu Awareness Index (A.I.)?The AlphaVu Awareness Index is a proprietary metric that shows you when and where your audience is responding to your message.

What is Sentiment?Sentiment is the measure of favorability among the public on each of the issues you track. Trends in sentiment are traced to your own actions so you have a specific measure of the impact of your outreach.

Infrastructure TrendVu™

A Revolutionary New Metric for Understanding Public Opinion on U.S. Infrastructure

TrendVu provides real-time insights by measuring the volume of social engagement with relevant public agencies, capital projects, and stakeholders across the country and then combining that data with audience sentiment, registering both positive and negative opinions.

TrendVu contains several component metrics, giving, a real-time window into public opinion on the breadth of our nation’s infrastructure projects and systems

  • Metrics provide data segmentation by a wide range of adjustable variables, including region, industry, market size, and financing.
  • Cross referencing TrendVu metrics with other third-party data sets, including Census data, provides a granular portrait of public opinion that far exceeds traditional research in depth, detail, scale, and recommends strategic and tactical responses.

AlphaVu is launching the first component of the LCB metrics this summer, the U.S. Public Transportation TrendVu.

U.S. Public Transportation TrendVu™

With the public wielding increasing influence across a variety of channels, transit agencies, project management consultants, local elected officials, and state DOTs must be attuned to changing sentiment to successfully mitigate challenges and cultivate long-term success. AlphaVu’s U.S. Public Transportation TrendVu metric measures the frequency of individuals’ engagement on social media with transit agencies across the country, relative to a defined set of operational characteristics. Based on this monitoring, AlphaVu provides daily summaries of regional data. For more detailed information on the full reports or market segmentation, please contact

U.S. Ports TrendVu ™

Ports are an important part of our commerce and transportation infrastructure. Local communities are increasingly influencing elected officials, government entities, and public policy in ways that affect even privately-owned port facilities. U.S. Ports TrendVu metric gives port operators a tool to stay attuned to these conversations. The metric measures social media engagement frequency with ports across the country, based on an established set of operational characteristics, and AlphaVu provides daily summaries of regional data collected based on this monitoring. For more detailed information on market segmentation or to view complete reports, contact

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