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We show your elected officials, board members, and community stakeholders hard evidence of how the public really feels.

AlphaVu Government Relations

True, Unbiased, and Reliable Measurements of Online Opinion

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Elected officials are heavily influenced by what their constituents are saying online.

But is what elected officials read actually what their constituents think? Is it the whole picture? Do they have all the critical context?

AlphaVu has analytics and reporting specifically designed to provide elected officials, governing board members, and important community stakeholders with true, unbiased, and reliable measurement of online opinion. We have metrics and methodologies specifically designed to highlight trends in opinions among diverse, sometimes hard-to-reach populations.

Case Studies

Proven Results Using AlphaVu’s Technology, Consulting, and Methodologies

Riverside County Transportation Commission

Funding Plan for Public Transportation

AlphaVu provided the Riverside County Transportation Commission with special reporting to support applications to local Members of Congress for congressional earmark funding.

These reports provided hard evidence of support within each congressional district for these capital projects.


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